Building Management Systems (BMS)

Industrial, commercial and residential facilities are nowadays equipped with climate control, and environment control. We at Mactus provide comprehensive BMS systems which control HVAC systems, exhaust systems and associated utilities such as hot water systems, chilled water systems, compressors, UPS and so on. Disparate subsystems such as Diesel generators, energy meters etc can be easily integrated into the main BMS to provide complete visibility into the building operations. Other building systems such as Fire Alarm systems, Fire suppression systems, Access Control systems, Video monitoring systems, public address systems etc can be completely integrated into the BMS to provide a comprehensive monitoring and control capability to the owner of the facility. Our BMS systems are:

  • Standard protocol based
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Provide user friendly features for the operations crew to have complete control of the building

All BMS systems are entirely custom built and the above provides a very high-level overview of the BMS capabilities. The specific solutions will be engineered and designed with inputs from the consultants, owners, tenants. We at Mactus provide the cost effective and best possible solutions meeting needs of all stakeholders. We shall be glad to work together with you in this process.