About Us

At Mactus Automation Pvt. Ltd, we adopt the best practices in product design and in project execution starting with voice of the customers, requirement capture, design, procurement, implementation and testing and finally erection and commissioning. This includes supply of control systems, field instruments, control panels, associated computers, tools etc. Our project execution is accompanied by compliance of industry processes and comprehensive documentation meeting customer expectations of clarity and long term maintenance of the system. Over the past couple of years Mactus focussed building products and solutions keeping in mind the need of automation and control products and solutions.

Mission: Make our customers competitive in compliance, quality, productivity by providing world class automation, control and compliance solutions by leveraging innovation, domain knowledge and technology partnership.

Products & Solutions

The Key Features of our Products & Solutions

Compliance and Software Solutions

Mactus SAAC controls the people entry/exit in the sterile areas as per GMP.

Custom Automation Solutions

Custom automation is one of the core areas where Mactus has proven track record over the past 6 plus years.

Building Management Systems

Industrial, commercial and residential facilities are nowadays equipped with climate control, and environment control.

Environment Monitoring System

Some critical facilities (like Pharmaceutical) require monitoring of the environment parameters for the entire plant.

Low Voltage Systems

Mactus provide end to end integration services as far as low voltage systems for a commercial buildings or industrial plants.