About Us

We specify, design and implement control solutions for buildings and industries. This includes supply of control systems, field instruments, control panels, associated computers, tools etc. We carry out the engineering, implementation including erection and commissioning services.

We specify and design the solutions conforming to the customer requirements and solving the customer problems all the while focusing on overall least total cost of ownership.

We have executed several projects for leading pharma manufacturers since our inception in 2012. The projects are of different kinds focusing on automation and software solutions. We have developed a few products and software solutions for the pharma clients. We are proud to have an impressive list of satisfied and repeat customers. We are located on the Bannerghatta Road in Bengaluru.


Make our customers competitive in compliance, quality, productivity by providing World Class pharma automation and compliance solutions by leveraging innovation, knowledge and technology partners.


The Key Features of our solutions

Pharma CGMP/FDA Compliance Solutions

Record all interventions, Establish allowable interventions during validation

Pharma Automation Solutions

On demand preparation of pre-defined concentrations of solvents, detergents.

Pharma Infrastructure Automation

AHU and Room status monitoring, AHU and Room status monitoring