Mactus Technology Solutions

Building Management System

  • Controllers, hardware & software are primarily from multinational companies
  • Solutions conforming to industry standards (BACNet, Web interfaces, LON)
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Facilities management and higher level functions
  • Leverage solution design knowledge to deliver solutions which are technically superior & cost effective
  • Sound knowledge in BMS integration of pharmaceuticals (sterile manufacturing facilities)

Door Interlock Systems

  • Branded as well as own controllers used
  • Controls from 2 doors to 16 doors
  • Comprehensive installation support
  • Reliable and long lasting operations
  • Very complex door logic can be implemented
  • Additional intelligence such as counting number of entries/exits can be provided
  • Special purpose pushbutton stations can be offered
  • Door Strikes as well as Electromagnets can be used for locking doors
  • Integration with Access Controls, sectional doors etc possible

Gas Level Monitoring System

  • Monitors gas levels (Oxygen, LPG, Hydrogen, CO2)
  • Ethernet/RS485 based data acquisition
  • Local and Central display for monitoring
  • Local and central hooters for alarm annunciation
  • Continuous recording of values, alarms, events
  • Alarms, and reports over the internet
  • Configurable report types and formats
  • Weather proof and explosion proof sensors available
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Centralized SCADA system/Environment Monitoring System

  • Monitor and record environmental parameters
  • Establish compliance to GMP
  • Alert and Alarm functions
  • Friendly graphic displays
  • Long term data storage
  • Equipment wise reports including MKT
  • Reports based on time
  • Variety of parameters can be recorded – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, DP, Gas levels
  • Alarm extension to remote areas of plant
  • Ethernet based remote data collection
  • CFR 21 Part 11 Compliant

Dust Collector Operation Console

  • Based on industrial grade PLC
  • 7 inches colour display for HMI
  • Data and events can be shared with central server
  • Sequencing the purge cycles for a group of dust collectors
  • Comprehensive integration with MCC and audio visual alarm functions

    Monitoring of :
  • Fine and HEPA filter statuses
  • Cartridge filter cleanliness
  • Clogging of pipelines
  • Complete protection for motor overload etc
  • Bin full / door open / Over pressure alarms

AHU Automation and Room Condition Monitoring

  • Control of RH, Temperature and Blower speed using Return air conditions and DP across blower
  • Complete integration with control panel to enable remote operations
  • Monitor alarm limits
  • Integration with fire systems, Chiller systems and hot water systems
  • Integration with humidifiers/dehumidifiers where applicable
  • Data collection at central SCADA station
  • Monitoring room temperature, DP and RH and logging the same for various reports

Fire Alarm System

  • Addressable and Conventional Systems
  • Detectors and panels from leading brands
  • Smoke/Heat detectors, Manual call points, Strobes, hooters of various types
  • Conforming to international standards
  • Comprehensive strategy and installation support

CCTV System

  • Variety of cameras suiting different applications and locations
  • Wide choice of camera and DVR makes
  • Comprehensive installation and operation support
  • Inputs provided for choosing the right solution
  • Advanced features can be incorporated based on camera and customer requirements
  • Recording and replay facilities

Access control System

  • Card based/ Bio metric based terminals
  • Variety of barricades such as EM doors, turnstiles etc
  • Interface to other Building Management Systems
  • Attendance Recording Software
  • Tools for security staff