Mactus Technology Solutions

Why Mactus?

We are an automation solutions provider providing the following services:

Promoted by former directors of Honeywell Technology Solutions, we specify, design and implement control solutions and monitoring solutions for buildings and industries. This includes supply of control systems, field instruments, control panels, associated computers, tools etc. We carry out the engineering, implementation including erection and commissioning services.

We specify and design the solutions conforming to the customer requirements and solving the customer problems all the while focusing on overall least total cost of ownership.

Our involvement in product designs for various process industries and buildings and homes enable us to provide the best selection of devices, control systems and engineering designs conforming to various applicable standards.

We work with close associate companies to provide control panels (both SS and MS) and necessary electrical works such as cabling, conduiting. We ensure complete solutions for our customers by coordinating all activities from concept to handover to customers.

We specialise in interoperability of systems both at hardware and software levels.

We provide automation solutions using DDCs and/or PLC stations, and operator front ends. We design and provide special value added software applications on these platforms.

At Mactus, we adopt the best practices in product design and in project execution starting from requirement capture, requirement analysis, high level design, detailed design, procurement, implementation and testing and finally erection and commissioning. Our project execution is accompanied by comprehensive documentation meeting customer expectations of clarity and long term maintenance of the system.

We are guided by a passion for engineering excellence which places customer satisfaction above all else.